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More about boonly and the team

Figuring of a woman pushing a wheelbarrow by artist Liane Ashman

What we really do

boonly is a community project run by a handful of volunteers. We infiltrate “informal markets” like Facebook groups or Instagram and look for really cool local* stuff, categorize them and load them onto an easily navigatable, searchable website to make it easy for you to find.

Everyone has a story to tell. When we buy things we don’t just buy a product, we support someone else’s story, their passion and values. That’s why we’ve tried to capture the why of every business we list on boonly, to carry those messages across.

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Why we do it

We believe everyone should have a fair and equal chance at success in life. A lot of small businesses exists in “informal markets” like Facebook groups or Instagram, and they sell really awesome stuff but it’s sometimes hard to find them.

boonly categorizes them and other New Zealand made products and makes it easy for all New Zealanders to find the locally produced products that they’re looking for.

Wooden Wall art depicting Mt Cook in New Zealand by Macalister Art

Who we do it for

Our audience is New Zealand. We want to highlight local businesses (sellers) and make it easy for locals (buyers) to support those businesses.

boonly is a collection of the amazing local* talent showcasing real craftsmanship, resourcefulness, creativity and passion, which is essentially what real Kiwi ingenuity is all about.

*local = New Zealand

Photo of boonly pioneer - Suné de Vos

Suné de Vos Pioneer

The idea of boonly was born during the Covid-19 lockdown (April 2020) when Suné was looking for quality clothing for her toddler, and international shipping had basically come to a halt. Knowing full well these products existed in New Zealand, she was feeling frustrated by how hard it was to find said products locally.

Together with her team, they embarked on the mission to make it easy to support local producers.

Suné is also Director and Principal Consultant at BASE Consulting.

Chirag Parmar Associate

Chirag (Chiggy) is originally from Mumbai, India and now in lives in Christchurch while completing his Masters in Business from Lincoln University. With experience in digital marketing for big brands, Chiggi hopes to further his career in New Zealand after completing his studies.

Fun fact: Chiggi is a trained actor and has performed in theatre and did a few short films!

Olivia Prior - BASE Consulting

Olivia Prior Associate

Olivia first developed an interest in digital marketing during her Web Design & Development studies in her hometown, Vancouver, Canada. Since moving to New Zealand, she has worked towards a bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Economics at the University of Canterbury. Contributing to boonly has been an opportunity for her to develop her skills, learn new things, and work with great people!

Fun fact: Throughout her studies, Olivia has worked in childcare looking after little ones!

Tim Rodriguez Associate

Tim is working towards a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Otago in Dunedin. He grew up in Ashburton just south of Christchurch and plans to move back there after completing his studies. Having learnt about the importance of Sustainability and supporting local businesses during his time at uni, Tim also made an enormous contribution to boonly and enjoyed learning to work in a remote team.

Fun fact: Tim enjoys playing football, skating and learning new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you select businesses to list on boonly?

boonly lists small to medium businesses who

  1. Make and sell New Zealand made products
  2. Display real craftmanship, ingenuity, creativity and passion
  3. Have cool local stuff

2. How much does it cost to list a business on boonly?

Ziltch. $0. Free. boonly is a community project. We want to support the New Zealand market. We are not a middleman who tries to make a quick buck. No revenue is generated for boonly, the transaction is entirely between buyer and seller.

3. Can I list a business on boonly?

  1. Yes, you can, providing it fulfils the requirements listed above
  2. Please Submit a business to boonly and we’ll be in touch

4. I would like to get involved with boonly

Do you share our values and want to get involved? We need all the help we can get to continue supporting our local economy. More details to join our team.

More about boonly

What’s with the name boonly?


noun: Something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefit.


We hope you find boonly to be all of those things. We were looking for a name that represents a vast variety of amazing things, sold by our small local producers.

boonly is proudly brought to you by BASE Consulting

boonly takes 0% of your sales, so what’s the catch?

No catch. boonly is a community project led by BASE Consulting, another small local business whose purpose is to help other small businesses succeed in the big red ocean we call the economy. Get in contact with BASE Consulting for any small business advisory services you may need to help your business grow.