Mushroom Mate

Mushroom Mate is an exciting way of starting your very own mushroom farm. This farm uses recyclable and sustainable materials, such as used coffee grounds and recycled buckets.

The Oyster mushrooms that we offer enjoys a terrific reputation for being one of the most forgiving, easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious and medically supportive mushroom.

Mushroom Mate strives to encourage Kiwi families, schools and local communities to choose to grow endemic/native mushrooms variety rather than imported species.

Available mushrooms include the grey-coloured Pleurotus Pulmonarius, commonly known as the Indian Oyster, Italian Oyster, Phoenix Mushroom, or the Lung Oyster. Exquisite and flavourful, it can be served raw or cooked lightly. Simply fry with butter garlic, add to a salad or any favourite stir-fry and soup dishes.

Also, Pleurotus Parsonsiae, the white oyster mushroom, is closely related to the pink flamingo oyster mushrooms. It has a meaty texture and makes it an excellent meat substitute.

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Mushroom mate creates #nzmade mushroom farm kits. Their products include:

  • Dried oyster mushrooms
  • Fresh oyster mushrooms
    • P. Parsonsiae
    • P. Pulmonarius
  • Grow it yourself (from Scratch supplies)
    • Cut barley straw
    • Empty 4l bucket with lid (holes cut in)
    • Hydrated lime
    • Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn 400gms Spp. P. Pulmonarius only
    • Sterilised Soy Hulls
  • Grow it Yourself mushroom kits
    • 10L Bucket Oyster Mushroom Ready Made Kit
    • 4L Bucket Oyster Mushroom Ready Made Kit
    • 2L Bucket Oyster Mushroom Ready Made Kit




NZ Made

All products made locally in New Zealand


Shipping available throughout New Zealand

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