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Mammas Milk Bar

Wendy is the owner and mastermind of Mammas Milk Bar. She is a mum of 2 wee babes and started Mammas Milk Bar to help support women during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys based on her own experience.

During and after her pregnancy, she struggled with two things:

  1. Boosting milk supply in a HEALTHY way
  2. Finding clean protein that had NO nasty stuff to support my needs through my journey from pregnancy, postpartum to breastfeeding.

BOOSTING SUPPLY: She had low milk supply and didn’t want to rely on sweet treats or cookies(!), so she created healthy versatile blends using the best locally sourced ingredients

PROTEIN NEEDS: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, protein needs can increase between 70 to 100+ grams per day. Usually, a mama can meet all her protein needs by having a varied diet. But some women struggle because of morning sickness and need an additional boost. This is where clean protein powders can help.

So now Wendy brings these to every mamma out there, from a place of love and Aroha, from one mama to another. Authentic and honest clean protein, and healthy lactation booster blends, made from highest quality ingredients like dutch cocoa, real vanilla bean, organic coconut sugar, etc.

As a mum, it is so important to know what’s going into your body for your baby. Mammas Milk Bar uses 100% natural ingredients like real vanilla bean, dutch cocoa and organic coconut sugar.


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Mammas Milk Bar create #nzmade Premium Protein and Lactation Blends that support mothers during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. Some of their products include:

  • Clean Protein Powder:  for healthy development and supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women’s needs
    • Chocolate Whey Protein
    • Original Whey Protein
    • Original Pea Protein
    • Vanilla Whey Protein
  • Lactation Blends: boost breastmilk supply in a versatile and healthy way
    • Chocolate
    • Hot Chocolate (Limited Edition)
    • Original (with a hint of coconut)
    • Vanilla Toffee


NZ Made

All products made locally in New Zealand


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