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Rebekah, owner and operator of ‘Walkies & More’ is a professionally trained veterinary nurse, a devoted parent of pets, and a professional carer of fur-babies.

She started making snuffle mats after getting one for her dog and seeing how much it slowed down her eating and how fun the dog had with it. Rebekah makes snuffle mats with dense long tufts that are double knotted onto a rubber mat.

What is a Snuffle Mat?

  • Snuffle mats are an enrichment feeding tool providing entertainment for your doggo (and cats too) by hiding some treats or their regular kibble for them to find.

Why use a Snuffle Mat?

  • Slows down quick eaters
  • Provides mental stimulation decreasing boredom and destructive behaviours
  • Makes meal-time fun as they have to sniff out their food
  • Using their noses is calming for dogs
  • Promotes natural scavenging behaviour

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Walkies & more is a professional pet services company who offer a range of per services and sell pet-related products, including:

  • Snuffle mats


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